It is part of the Jammu and Kashmir territory in North India.


A fabric entirely handspun and hand-woven. It can be silk cotton or wool, it is produced all over rural India. It is also an activity supported by the Indian government with the KVIC -Khadi & Village Industries Commission- which also promotes its sale in the shops present in every large or small city, the Khadi Grahmodyog Bandhar or Gandhi Ashram.…


is a district of Gujarat and its capital is Bhuj.


Khadi & Village Industry Commission: Government body that promotes spinning and weaving in rural villages.


It is an Indian territory enclosed between the mountain ranges of the Karakoram and the Himalayas.


decorative pattern (variable of tie & dye) produced in Rajasthan, North West India.


is an Indian men's garment with a length of fabric 2 metres long and 90 centimeters wide.