population of tribal origins, out of caste

Ahimsa silk

 Non-violence silk in which the caterpillar comes out of the cocoon. The broken thread must be re-knotted in spinning. It is also called Matka silk, worn in religious ceremonies, as it is nonviolent.

Andhra Pradesh

Indian state of central south east with the coast on the Bay of Bengal, Coromandel Coast.


Indian state of north east India.

Baluchari Sari

silk brocade with scenes from Indian epics Bengal state north east India.


nomadic population of central India


state of north-east India into which the Ganges flows, Fine fabrics of cotton muslin, raw silk and Brocades, Khadi.


north central state India

Block Printing

method for printing fabrics, with motifs carved in wooden blocks, dipped in colours and pressed on the fabric, for the different decorations.